Lambert’s Bay Kreeffees

Lambert’s Bay is hosting our 14th annual Crayfish and Culture Festival, from 29 April to 1 May 2016!

For various reasons the festival will be hosted in town, the harbour area in front of the police station (snoek kaai).

This years the festival is taking on a new look, and we are VERY excited about it! With festivities having more of a West Coast lifestyle atmosphere. Stalls were carefully selected this year, to offer you the best of our unique West Coast cuisine, crafts and handmade clothing.

Local artists and well known performers will be entertaining you throughout the weekend with music, while you enjoy some of the best of local wines. While taking in the amazing sea views, you will also be able to taste our own locally brewed craft beer.

One man shows will offer a chance to see celebrities doing what they do best, while the kids will be entertained in the kiddies area. For the food lovers, demonstrations will be done to teach you how to cook some proper seafood meals, and the younger crowd will be entertained at the Kreefjol on Saturday night. With all this, we are still making it affordable for young and old, and including the whole community to make this Lambert’s Bays best festival yet!

With Local Artist and Musicians like :


Entrance Fees :

Friday 20 March 2015 :
R100.00 per person
Children (6-12 years) R50.00
Children under 6 years. Free
70 years or older. R25.00
Saturday 21 March 2015 :
R175.00 per person
Children (6-12 years) R60.00
Children under 6 years. Free
70 years or older. R25.00
Sunday 22 March 2015 :

Sponsors Include :

  • Sybille Gastehuis
    Sir Lambert Gastehuis
    Kookfontein akkommodasie
    Abalone akkommodasie
    Bayside Spar
    Branders Akkommodasie
    Seafront akkommodasie
    Skaapdamplaas akkommodasie
    Katie Parring
    Malkoppan kampterrein
    BP Garage
    Weskus Kombuis
    Bidvest Food Sevices
    Grootvlei Guest Farm
    Lamberts Bay Furniture
    Elands Bay Hotel
    Lambertsbaai Skryfbehoeftes en Fotodienste
    Lamberts Bay Signs
    Sir Lambert’s Guest House
    Wynland Lenings
    Cape Lobster – Live Fish Tanks
    Tatiana Hurn
    Lobster Harvest SA

Time to kill in Cape Town before The Kreef Fees ?

If you’re on you way to the Kreeffees and happen to find yourself hungry in Cape Town, here are a few great suggestions . The Mother City is famous for a lot of things including its cuisine. For all the food lovers and the ones who are always open to trying new recipes, here is a list of foods you can enjoy when visiting Cape Town:
•    Fish and Chips: Everybody loves fish and chips and Capetonians are no different. A simple yet tasty meal that leaves you craving for more is always on the list of foods to eat by Cape Town residents. The cost effective is another reason why fish and chips are always a mouthwatering option. Kalky’s in Kalk Bay and Snoekies in Hout Bay are a definite visit to enjoy this delicate yet crunchy meal.
•    Gatsby: Have you ever wanted to be creative with your sandwich but were never given the chance? Don’t worry, impossible is nothing when you are boarding in Cape Town. A Gatsby is pretty much the ultimate dream of a sandwich. You can fill it with anything you want from Vienna’s to steaks. The stomach is yours so the choice must also be yours to make. The Golden Dish, Cosy Corner and Mariam’s Kitchen are just a few Gatsby restaurants you can visit.
•    Bunny Chow: The bunny chow is a famous quick meal that doesn’t the stomach with any void. Filled with chips, Russians, cheese, polony or Vienna’s, adding some extra hot sauce to this bread definitely won’t hurt. It is made of a quarter of a load of bread and the fillings are inserted inside. It is also a cost-friendly dish so that only means more money for your next meal.
•    Biltong: Who would say no to a bite of nice spiced biltong? I don’t think anybody would disagree to enjoy some pleasant homemade biltong. Cape Town doesn’t comprise, every biltong sold in Cape Town will make you want some more. Made with a range of spices such as beef, vinegar and salt and pepper, you are going to lick your fingers afterwards!
•    Waterblommetjie Bredie: If you are a lover of plants, you may have no problem having some delicious Waterblommetjie Bredie. It is a flower uniquely based in Cape Town that cultivates in ponds. If trying new things is something you enjoy doing and you want to embrace your adventurous side even more, trying this Waterblommetjie Bredie will be easy as breathing fresh air for you!
•    Sharing Plates at Asoka: If you enjoy eating in big crowds, sharing plates at Asoka is something you might delight in doing.  Located in the all the rage street of Kloof in Cape Town, Sharing Plates at Asoka has left lots of people in pure marvel with their menus. Ranging from fish and platters, there is a variety of food choices you have the opportunity of indulging in.

Never thought Cape Town had such amazing treats huh? It is not called the Mother City for nothing. The list above is just a small number of cuisines in store for you when you grace the soils of Cape Town. There are a lot of other foods in store for your pleasure.
The beach fronts and ocean views are not the only things that are exciting about a holiday in Cape Town. The day to day life of a Capetonian in the famous Cape Flats or Khayelitsha is also something you might be interested in finding out about.
You can’t visit Cape Town and get just a piece of the Mother City pie right? The best way of enjoying your stay in Cape Town is to visit every area so that you can finally experience the life and times of growing, living and eating in Cape Town.